U.S. Urges Court Not to Block Vaccine Mandate on Employers

WASHINGTON – The Biden government on Monday masked individuals who have all the power the federal government needs to require big employers to vaccinate workers against the Covid-19 virus or deny vaccines it says are brought in every week to be handed over. Test.

In a 28-page document to the District 5 Federal Court of Appeals that temporarily blocked delegates during a national visit last week, the Justice Department inevitably protects workers from the pandemic, which it stands to reason. He insisted there was one. Law.

The Justice Department prevented its mission from going into effect: “In addition to the sheer number of hospitalizations, other serious health consequences and enormous costs, it costs tens or hundreds of lives every day. most likely. “” It is the amalgamation of the highest danger. ”

The labor protection agency affiliated with the Ministry of Manpower published the standard last week. According to this rule, companies with 100 or more employees must wear inner masks for employees who are not vaccinated from December 5. Employees who remain unvaccinated on January 4 must be tested weekly at work.

A coalition of plaintiffs, including several employers and Republican-controlled states, has challenged court obligations. Your production alleges that the mission is an illegal violation of the powers Congress has lawfully delegated to OSHA.

The agency, alleged by many plaintiffs in a 20-page file on Nov. 7, is an occupational safety organization with limited powers to protect workers from hazardous substances in the workplace such as asbestos. Infectious diseases through regulation. ”

They also argue that raising workplace safety concerns is just an “excuse” to the Biden administration’s real agenda and putting more pressure on Americans to be vaccinated.

Last week, a three-judge panel from the Fifth District Court of Appeals said in a brief unsigned statement that the complainants had “reasoned to believe that the delegation had serious legal and constitutional issues”. And temporarily block the new standard.

The Fifth District Court of Appeals will decide whether the decision to prevent delegation will be overturned or maintained. The last word, however, is impossible.

Several other opponents of the legitimate delegation are in the district courts of the various appeals courts, and many pending appeals will be submitted to randomly appointed appeals courts later this month.

Mandatory vaccination status in the US
More and more employers, universities and companies are now making vaccination mandatory. Here are the details.


A District Court of Columbia judge on Monday refused to block the rule separately and the matter is likely to be referred to the Supreme Court.

Some Justice Department documents have yet to initiate the election of an arbitrary court of appeals to consolidate cases across the country and a delegation deadline as a basis for binding the Fifth District Court of Appeals. He admits he didn’t. .. However, the rest of the presentation serves as a preview of the broader administrative debate.

Filling argued that OSHA correctly recognized that potential exposure to the virus poses a “serious risk” to workers. This is in line with standards set by Congress by law. He also denied the whistleblower’s allegations that measures to reduce the risk of disease transmission do not fall under the officially approved types of occupational risks.

The Justice Department wrote: “The legal documents are clear and self-limiting to address serious risks to workers in the workplace. Like many other areas of regulation, safety regulations affect many Americans, and some may face issues they may disagree with, but this does not require a deliberately narrow interpretation of broad parliamentary subsidies. ”

White House deputy spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre said Monday that it is normal within the administration’s policy to deal with legal issues and work without waiting for the employer to complete the process. I called the man to ask for a vaccination. Take or start weekly tests.

He pointed out that more than 750,000 Americans die from Covid-19 and about 1,300 new deaths occur in the United States every day to protect workers from the risk of coronavirus infection. He insisted that this was his mission.

“That is the strength we believe the Ministry of Manpower has. We are very sure of that. This is to protect people at work, which is important and right. Important to do. ”

The White House announced in September that the federal government would enforce and promote various vaccination regulations. This includes federal employees, employees of federal contractors and recipients of federal funds.

“We are waiting patiently,” Biden said at the time, referring to the roughly 80 million Americans who refuse to be vaccinated, increasing the risk of finding new hosts to spread the coronavirus further. Ricefield. “But our patience is fragile and your refusal costs us all.”

Production focuses on some of Mr.’s mandate plans. Biden for companies with more than 100 employees. This is based on an urgent provision of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, which gives the federal government the right to regulate the workplace to protect worker safety.

As Biden directs, OSHA is a necessary and viable way for employers to reduce the risk that workers are at “serious risk” in the workplace and require frequent vaccinations or virus testing. Based on this, we have formulated an “intermediate standard for emergencies”. In case of serious illness, hospitalization or death.

This rule makes exceptions for employees who are not in close contact with other people at work, such as employees who only work at home or outdoors.

Authorities released the standard on November 4, and the plaintiffs filed lawsuits the following day.

When the courts finally allow the rules to apply, OSHA will be empowered to report violations and send inspectors to investigate the workplace. It starts at $13,650 for a single violation and can go as high as $136,500 for a willful or repeated violation. Crime.

In June, OSHA used the same authority to impose emergency rules on healthcare professionals. This requires workers to be equipped with protective equipment, including masks, to ensure adequate ventilation and spacing. However, the authorities have never used this power to impose strict vaccination regulations on all major companies.

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