The Unofficial Start of the Governors Race

It’s Thursday, today we’ll take a look at Governor Kathy Hokul’s move to raise funds and take a look at her potential foe in next year’s primaries. We’ll also see how much it actually rains in September.

Governor Kathy Hokul has only been in office for 36 days. But there are signs that Andrew Cuomo’s successor, Andrew Cuomo, is preparing for something to happen in the New York Democratic primaries on the 308th day, eight months and thirty days from now.

As our colleagues Nicholas Fonds and Katie Gluck explain, Hokul revived an aggressive financial instrument to generate huge financial returns of $25 million. Their goal is to fend off potential rivals who may be fighting for the Democratic Party’s direction.

Your moves, Hire a Campaign Manager and other senior policy advisors, are not ignored. New York’s public defender Jumaan Williams took his first public steps to run for governor on Tuesday, setting up a commission of inquiry and creating a progressive program. He also outlines the contrast with Hokuru, pointing out that he did not reject Cuomo when he was the lieutenant governor.

His announcement coincided with the unofficial start of the gubernatorial election campaign in 2022. Mayor Bill de Blasio was barred from being re-elected in November this year due to term limits and discussing the gubernatorial election with his allies. “I will remain a civil servant,” he told reporters on Tuesday after his term, adding, “this city and country has a lot to do.” His old sociologist recently conducted a survey to assess the complaints of the mayor of New York.

Tom Swazzi, who represents parts of Long Island and Queens, maintains an aggressive funding plan.

However, the biggest question is whether Attorney General Leticia James will step in. When he appeared in New York on Wednesday, he avoided asking questions about his political future, but some of his allies seemed increasingly confident. (He defended Kuomo’s investigation into his resignation – and he repeatedly attacked him as a political motivator.)

James is seeking donations for his re-election as attorney general. But he managed to transfer the money to another government account. He said he had $1.6 million in cash in his last campaign in July. That’s a little less than Hochul reported in August. People close to James say he can tap into the national interest, as Georgia Governor Stacy Abrams’ 2018 campaign did.

So far, some donors have taken a wait-and-see approach or hedge their bets with smaller contributions, also because Hokur has just started exercising decision-making power in Albany. .. John Samuelsen, international president of the Transport Union who donated nearly $500,000 to Cuomo’s campaign, said: “According to the public vote, before the bitter things fell.

Cuomo was a big fundraiser – he received more than $135 million in three gubernatorial election campaigns and stepped down with an $18 million donation. Hochul appears to be copying at least part of Cuomo’s approach, relying heavily on large donors rather than local donors investing only $5 in chips.

However, their recent campaign changed that by hiring Authentic Campaign, a consulting firm that specializes in online donations from small donors who work for President Biden and other prominent Democrats.