Stellar price analysis: XLM/USD set to hike to $0.5

  • Stellar looks bullish on yesterday’s price analysis chart.
  • XLM/USD initiates a 24-hour chart to analyze prices while buyers check prices.
  • The MACD line has crossed the red signal line, which means that buyers have more power than sellers.

Star price analysis: price overview

Stellar is trading in a bullish trend on yesterday’s chart to analyze the price of Stellar. However, this uptrend was interrupted by pressure from selling firms, which caused the price to drop sharply to the lowest level on the 5-day chart at $0.2661. The bulls couldn’t let the bears move downwards any further. So they gathered in large numbers and consolidated enough strength and created strong support which reversed the bearish trend and the coin experienced an upward momentum.

On the five-day price analysis chart, Stellar is trading in positive momentum, with Bollinger Bands developing for most of the trading session, indicating that the market is a bit volatile.

The RSI jumped above the 70s on the first day, suggesting buyer pressure is dominating the market. Things were different on July 7 as the relative strength index was in favor of the sellers as it hovered in the 0-30 region.

Virtual currency heatmap showing low-cost markets. Despite the hot card being red in the early hours of trading, most coins are now trading in an uptrend.

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The largest digital asset is trading at $46.9K and is expected to return to 50K. ETH is also trading slightly above 3.5K, up 4%. Bulls are eyeing an ETH target of $4K. Buyer wants to return BNB to $500. Even though most of the coins are bullish today, many of them have experienced major price drops.

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Star price movement over the last 24 hours: bull domination

XLM/USD started on a 24-hour price analysis chart as buyers took control of the Stellar market, sending prices up and down before facing strong resistance from sellers expecting Stellar prices to fall.

On the daily price analysis chart, the green candlestick outperformed the red candlestick, indicating that XLMUSD is trading bullish momentum.

XLM/USD 4-Hour Price Analysis Chart: Potential Leap

The relative strength index (RSI) is in the neutral zone, indicating a move into overbought territory. Bollinger Bands have widened, indicating a slightly volatile market.

The MACD line has crossed the red signal line, which means that buyers have more power than sellers.

The green bar in the MACD histogram is above the red bar, indicating potential bulls that will see price spike in upward momentum and surpass the high during the day.


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