PUBG is going free to play

Battle Royale, formerly known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, will be free to play on January 12. This move has been under discussion for some time, and publisher Crafton confirmed at The Game Awards that PUBG: Battlegrounds will indeed fall into the free combat category. License fee

PUBG: In partnership with Kpop Group Blackpink, Battlegrounds was released for free for a week earlier this year, and rumors suggest the move is a test for developers to gauge the impact on the free business model. The ever-evolving battle royale. This seems to be true, as confirmed by tonight’s Game Awards.

Krafton also revealed some recent facts about PUBG, such as the players who have spent more than 14 billion hours together since PUBG started five years ago. In recent months we have seen baby sharks and mountain bikes come into play.

The Game Awards is an annual celebration hosted by veteran host and game journalist Jeff Keeley. In theory, it’s an awards show highlighting the best games of the past year, but it’s capitalizing on the excitement with lots of new game announcements from developers big and small. Stay tuned for all the upcoming computer games announced at the event.

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