Proton now officially supports Nvidia DLSS

With Steam Deck leading the way with SteamOS and its Proton Compatibility Layer, Valve is paving the way for escaping Windows and switching to computer games running on Linux. With the release of the Proton 6.3-8 (via Videocardz), the company hopes to inspire more gamers to get on board with official Nvidia DLSS support.

The company’s own zoom technology can help increase FPS in games like Call of Duty: Vanguard or Back4Blood without sacrificing image quality. Unfortunately, Team Green’s high-quality technology is not supported on the Steam Deck because using an AMD Zen2 based SoC and Nvidia DLSS requires an RTX chip.

Thankfully, Proton now supports AMD FSR, which doesn’t require your GPU from a specific brand, so Steam Deck users won’t be so lucky when considering the zoom option.

AMD FSR support could be very useful for anyone playing the Steam Deck when it releases in 2022. A benchmark supported by Dave Kit shows that the Steam Deck may have a hard time running some games at 60 frames per second, and therefore Team Red’s great feature could easily increase productivity.

However, Valve is doing its best to ensure that all 50,000 Steam games are tested on the Steam Deck, with recent reports indicating good compatibility with the platform’s top 100 titles prior to release.

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