Polkadot price analysis: DOT is bullish at $27.79 after a persistent downtrend

The latest polka dot price analysis is bullish. Although the price has fallen in the last four hours, it has risen today. The Bears have been ahead of the game since last week, so there is a constant downward trend. However, there is an opportunity for buyers as prices generally go up these days. According to the four-hour price analysis, the price is still falling, which is not promising news.

Polkadot’s one-day price analysis predicts a price spike as gains seek to bounce back from permanent losses. Prices rose to as low as $27.76 today, which is encouraging for buyers as last week was very unfavorable for them. The Moving Average (MA) value is $29 above the current price because the prevailing trend is bearish during the week.

Volatility has increased, so we can assume that the future trend will be bearish again. The value of Bollinger Bands has shifted and now the upper value is positioned at $38 and the lower value is positioned at $24.54. Finally the Relative Strength Index (RSI) also rose to 45.50 which is still a neutral figure.

The bears took advantage of the situation when the price fell again in the last few hours. Polkadot’s 4-hour price analysis shows signs of continued bearish activity as the price drops to $27.8. The moving average, on the other hand, will also be low, at $27,688, due to the steady downtrend that has been going on all week. The crossover between the 20 SMA and the 50 SMA further confirms the decline.

Volatility has decreased significantly in the last four hours, bringing the average value of Bollinger Bands to $27.76. The upper value of the Bollinger Band, on the other hand, is now $29.30, while the lower value is $26.22. The RSI score is in the neutral area, as it is listed at 47.3 at the time of writing.

The chart of the technical indicators for DOT/USD is to the soft side as the number of sell indicators and buy indicators tells us. There are 10 indicators at the selling level, seven at the buying level and nine indicators at the neutral level.

Moving average indicators, on the other hand, are giving bearish signals as the declines have been leading since last week. There are more indicators on the selling side, ie. nine because there are only five at the time of purchase and one neutral indicator. The oscillator is almost neutral because there are eight oscillators at the neutral sign, two at the buy sign and only one at the sell sign.

The 1-day and 4-hour price analysis provided by Polkadot predicts that despite today’s growing movement, the price has fallen in the last eight hours, which means there is a possibility that the bears will return to take the lead in the future. The price is now at $ 27.8 which is a relatively stable position compared to last week’s position.

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