Number of women holding crypto doubled in a year

Cryptocurrencies continue to enjoy wide acceptance among traders and non-traders in the economy. While assets are volatile, that doesn’t stop people from picking them up. A recent Australian study confirmed this, claiming that the number of women who own cryptocurrencies in Australia has doubled. According to the research time frame, all digital assets acquired in the last year are taken into account.

Australian survey examines 2,000 participants
This study was conducted by the Independent Index of Cryptocurrency of Australia. The study found that the number of women with digital assets increased sharply this year compared to last year. If you look at the numbers, an Australian study showed that over 2,000 Australians believe that the percentage of women who own cryptocurrencies is now 20%.

Before that time, the territory was just over 10% last year. In the same vein, the percentage of bitcoins seized from women also doubled, up 14% from the 8% holding the leading digital asset last year.

The company responsible for the survey has also doubled as a national cryptocurrency exchange and has a user base of around 200,000. Blockchain Australia board of directors Karen Cohen recently confirmed this in a statement, noting that crypto is now available on all the country’s exchanges. In his statement, Cohen mentioned that holding cryptocurrencies is generally the norm and is one of the safe and secure ways to make easy money.

Despite the current shortcomings, Cohen wants equal participation
In a statement from Adrian Pjelozni, co-founder of the Independent Reserve, crypto continues to be accepted by the masses. This reduces the risk nature of the asset, he said. Regarding the study in Australia, Pzhelozny said the number could be better than this year. A recent Grayscale report found that women are at great risk in doing business, one of the main reasons there are more men than women in the crypto market.

An Australian study also showed that women are more likely to accept crypto advice from friends and family. While the number of women who will join the crypto market with a guarantee from a friend is 56.7%, the number of men who will do the same is 42.2%. Cohen added that more women are entering the market because of the trust their cryptocurrency families place in them.

However, due to media interest in assets, more men than women prefer to enter the market, with 45% for men and 41.8% for women. Cohen also noted that he hopes participating in the crypto market will be something that opens up space for both genders.