New Virtual Learning Options to Rely More on Parents

Brooke Taylor has been stressing all summer about how to safely send her kids back to school.

Sending them back to an environment where there is still no vaccine for children their age is annoying, but we also ask, “How are you going to run a school for them again?” “It’s been hard for me,” Taylor said. “Last year was a big challenge.”

The health and improvement of COVID-19 made the decision to return difficult. Frisco, Plano, and ISD Richardson have offered and paid for virtual training when the state refused.

The county said they would give their parents another chance, but that’s a problem. This year the program will be more from parents than ever.

“We knew the class would be bigger, so we relied heavily on our parents as home teachers,” said Tabisa Branham, assistant police officer for Richardson ISD.

According to Blunham, virtual learners can get their own combination of full-time teachers, hours of work, hands-on lessons, and work, but with parental help, they can do more. growth. This is the only way the region can do it.

“It’s not perfect, it’s not perfect. Different families have different situations and needs. All we want is to offer other options,” he said.

Some parents say virtual option doesn’t work.

“We were elsewhere last year. There is one shop that is closed allowing people to work from home. They plan to take their children home and be flexible. That, says Sarah Avina, ISD Richardson’s mother, who doesn’t think so this year.

As expected, suburban parents who saw ITS Dallas position to demand masks ignored the governor’s order and asked their leaders to do the same.

“Then Governor Abbott wants to double what he wants to keep looking for,” said parents concerned about the number of COVID-19 cases he was seeing in his children. said Jenny McGroslin.

The legislature covered the topic of virtual learning in Austin on Tuesday.

Musk’s order will likely require one to judge the other before there is a definitive answer as to whether the governor or local superintendent has the right to determine what happens at the school.

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