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Extinction Rebellion’s co-founder believes that the royal family sends a stronger message about the climate crisis than most politicians.

A protest group of environmental activists started in Glasgow as world leaders met this week at the UN’s COP26 summit in Glasgow.

Boris Johnson urged countries to reduce carbon emissions and deforestation by comparing the human situation to “behind 5-1” at a football game.

The prime minister said he was “very optimistic” about global progress, but Extinction Rebellion leaders said the government was facing a “leadership crisis” on the issue.

Claire Farrell welcomed recent comments from members of the royal family, indicating that they understand the matter better than our elected officials.

He told

“In fact, civil society has spoken up and has to say, ‘We are serious about this.’ “I find it interesting to see how civil society and the royal family advocate action.

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Prince Charles wants world leaders and business to be “systematically connected” (Photo: AP)
“The government and most politicians don’t seem to care that this is what they are looking for. In principle, we are facing a complete leadership crisis…

“I support unions who can’t possibly get out of a crisis, basically any help you know.

Prince Charles convened the COP26 summit and urged world leaders to work with businesses to “systematically participate in the climate crisis.”

He said it would cost “trillions of dollars” and governments should “control the power of the global private sector.”

Meanwhile, Prince William attended COP26 and announced the winner of the Earthshot Awards project.