Mozilla 2022 halts crypto donations due to climate-related backlash

Yesterday, Mozilla tweeted that it had stopped donating cryptocurrency due to concerns from other Twitter users. The company stated that despite changes in governance since adopting cryptocurrencies, it needs to reconsider whether these donations meet its climate goals.

The reaction that led Mozilla to consider the move came from its co-founder, Jamie Zawinski. Zavinski urged the organization to accept donations from the burning planet from Ponzi scammers. According to him, everyone behind Mozilla’s crypto donation program should be ashamed.

Mozilla is not releasing blockchain
The foundation also said it would not give up pursuing blockchain technology because of its many advantages. However, he made it clear that he would only accept crypto donations again if he was confident that they would meet his climate protection goals.

This crypto donation story begins at DEC. December 2021 after Mozilla posted a blog on Bitpay with a request for crypto donations. The publication attracted the attention of many people, and some, because of its nature, did not agree with it. Zavinsky was one of those who questioned the company’s decision.

Although Zavinski retired from the company in 1999, he said accepting cryptocurrency was against the foundation’s guidelines. He added that everyone involved with cryptocurrencies at Mozilla should be ashamed.

Spitting causes mixed reactions
Zavinski distanced himself from the company in 1999, but his recent comments suggest he is still watching what the organization does. On January 5, 2021, he blogged about cryptocurrencies and their unrealistic nature. According to him, cryptocurrencies generate pollution and disguise their operations by turning them into money.

Some viewers asked Mozilla to download this donation submission after Zavinsky’s blog and tweet. They also asked the foundation to explain how crypto donations helped them fulfill their pledge to fight climate change.

Another Twitter user referred to the company’s previous blog post explaining its commitment to fighting climate change. Last January’s article introduced the CEO, who spoke about the organization’s commitment to fighting climate change. Consumers argue that BTC is known for its high energy consumption and is not environmentally friendly, which goes against efforts to curb climate change.

Mozilla is not the only organization that has received strong backlash over cryptocurrency adoption and climate change. In recent months, other organizations such as Ubisoft and Discord have been in a similar position. The main issue behind this backlash is the carbon footprint that cryptocurrencies leave behind. With crypto developers being recognized as promising innovators, it remains to be seen how they decide to go green.