Jumaane Williams Is Exploring a Run for New York Governor

Jumani D. Williams, New York’s leftist public defender, announced a commission of inquiry into the governor. It’s a major sign that next year’s primaries could turn into a fierce struggle for New York’s Democratic Party leadership.

Williams promised to push through an ambitious progressive program when he ran, and in the nearly 40-minute interview attempted to create a clear and implicit contrast to Governor Kathy Hokul – he’s Andrew M. Cuomo before abruptly stepping down in August.

His announcement on Tuesday coincided with the unofficial start of the 2022 Democratic primaries for governor. It is a race that is poised to be determined by questions of ability as well as identity, geography, and ideology.

Williams will be Brad Lander, who will likely be the next New York auditor, and the mayor of Brooklyn.

Williams’ allies hope his move will give him an advantage over other leading New York Democrats watching the race, as the field of Democratic nominees remains largely volatile. f) Attorney General Leticia James privately discussed the contest with donors and party officials, and her allies were increasingly excited about the campaign’s potential to become America’s first black governor.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is said to be interested as well, and the state’s other Democrats are at various stages considering the race. Hokuru, who has said he will run for a full term next year, has recently participated in a number of fundraisers. Raise your senior campaign staff.

Williams singled out many progressive voters when he ran for deputy governor in 2018 and lost 6.6 percentage points to Hokur. And in the rematch, Williams started off with more name identification and experience across the country.

But Williams, a self-identified “activist, elected official” who says he is a member of the American Democratic Socialists, also comes from a very moderate electorate who also supports power in New York’s democratic politics. You will face serious skepticism. In the city, as the state and the mayor’s office pointed out this summer.

Dan Hokur, New York’s first female governor, became CEO after Cuomo’s humiliating resignation and is now in a much stronger position.

It is poised to reap significant benefits from the current president as it announces projects across the country and seeks to build on its tremendous benefits and funding experience. So far, the kindness of many lawmakers, who appreciate their efforts to disrupt the government, has shaped Cuomo’s government – and some of the civil servants.

Aware of the need to reduce his profile, Hokur is always in New York for public events and fundraising. It was recently named former Senator Brian A. Benjamin of Harlem as deputy governor. Governor. It has pleased the left with several recent actions, including the extension of the moratorium on evictions of peasants and the release of some 200 prisoners from Rickers Island amid the crisis there.

But Williams has signaled that if he does run, he will insist on voting for an Albany outsider who represents a complete break with the capital’s culture.

“We continue to resist the atmosphere that is there and I think that’s the kind of leadership we need,” Williams said.

“It’s hard to renew and restore,” he says elsewhere, “the same old systems and structures that allow one to tolerate toxicity, tolerate scandal, and let ego and personality get in the way.” If you have one. ”

When asked if he disagreed with Mr Hokurs’ actions as governor, he said he should have visited Rikers Island but said, “Some of the fruits of the decline have been positive.” Accepted.

However, as Deputy Governor Mr. Cuomo, he suggested that she talk to him more.

Master Cuomo cooled Master Hokur from the inside, but said: “If the lieutenant governor retreated a little harder, we might not be there.” “More people could do it, but I made this announcement in 2018 very deliberately and purposefully.”

In 2018, Hokur, a Democrat in western New York, traveled to the state and promoted government politics, failing to mention areas of disagreement with Cuomo during talks with Williams. He spends his time in the office doing it.

However, he also supports an independent investigation by Mr. Cuomo in which he clearly stated that he was not close to him and said, “No one would describe my administration as a toxic work environment. I promise.

“It’s too early because the governor has only been in office for four weeks,” Jay Jacobs, leader of the moderate New York Democratic Party, told Williams. “You have to run for reasons beyond your ambition. You have to have justification to make you believe that you are better than this manager. So we have to say what he said. You will see.”

Hochul’s spokesman declined to comment.

Williams has indicated he is committed to the commission of inquiry no matter who else elects him, and said his efforts would include building infrastructure for potential campaigns. On the phone. But when his Brooklyn counterpart, James, was forced to run for governor, he didn’t respond directly.

“The Attorney General is doing a great job,” Williams said. “As far as I know, he has shown no public interest in running. What I’m saying is that this commission of inquiry and the public service in general did this so that everyone could do it. I didn’t. I did this so that.” something to run. ”

City Councilman Reinoso He spoke with James about the gubernatorial election over the weekend and said he praised him and Williams.

“Everyone who loves fabric loves Jumani. I think they need to understand what they need to understand,” Reynoso said, and James intended to talk to Williams. He added that he said. network, but my story with Jumanen, especially on the board, happened to him when he ran away.”

A spokesman for James declined to comment.

Williams reigns as a left-wing official who responds closely to the fight against gun violence, and investing in social safety nets is a critical element of public safety and fostering a fair recovery from the pandemic. He claimed to be the center of manufacture.

Williams will run with at least one historic candidate. He acknowledged that “identity is very important” and identified himself as a first-generation American. As a man with Tourette syndrome and as the first black New Yorker to run for governor. (Former Governor David A. Patterson, New York’s first black governor, took office after former Governor Elliott Spitzer stepped down.)

“It’s very important that people look at themselves,” he said. It’s also important to ensure that there are the right people fighting for all identities when politics gets tough and we happen too often. I dont see.


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