ICP Price Prediction 2022

2021 was a mixed year for internet computer coins, with the token hitting an all-time high and plunging into a dip that threatened to wipe out the token in the same year. However, they persisted and said they had plans to make sure the coming years would be better.

ICP Verification
How can a project founded by Dominic Williams in October 2016 generate so much interest from the crypto environment? Also, how to raise a total of $121 million from partners like Andreessen Horowitz, Aspect Ventures, Electric Capital, ZeroEx, Scalar Capital, Polychain Capital, SV Angel, and Multicoin Capital, as well as some of the leading early investors in Ethereum?

On May 10, 2021, the DFINITY Foundation, founded by Dominic Williams, opened the Internet to the public, a major milestone which demonstrates that the Internet is currently functioning as a decentralized global computer, as noted in the release of all Internet source code to the Public Domain.

DFINITY claims its internet engine is highly scalable and runs at web speeds, with some functions taking only milliseconds. The network is controlled by an open autonomous algorithmic software system called the Network Nervous System (NNS) and the utility token itself is ICP (formerly known as DFN).

So let’s start with the ICP study.

What is an Internet Computer (ICP)?
Internet computers were developed by a non-profit organization or NGO called DFINITY. DFINITY is one of the most successful foundations attracting a lot of money from investors in the early stages. To understand what Internet computers do, you need to delve deeper into the technicalities of DFINITY and the goals of its founder, Dominic Williams.

DFINITY was founded by Williams in October 2016. It is attracting a lot of attention with its new implementation of blockchain technology. Internet computers, on the other hand, were launched by the foundation in May 2021.

DFINITY Foundation participants include Polychain Capital, ZeroEx, Aspect Ventures and many other companies, including well-known early-stage Ethereum backers. The foundation is working to open up more opportunities in the blockchain industry. Several experts work within the foundation. Through their combined efforts, the Foundation has issued 100,000 citations along with 200 patents.

Meaning of ICP
This is the third major innovation in blockchain technology, alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum. Blockchain-based computers distribute and scale smart contract computations and the data collected after computation, all at the speed of the web. In addition, it facilitates high-efficiency data execution and storage and provides a dynamic software framework for developers in the ICP community.

In short, the ICP blockchain protocol will help create better and more efficient platforms, decentralized applications and websites and create tokenized versions of these systems. Therefore, the computer protocol for the internet is an advancement in the blockchain world.

Newest update
Since the end of 2021, the ICP has continued to grow and it is quite difficult to keep up. One of those developments is smart contracts operating on ICP, surpassing the 16,500 mark, the highest to date; this means developer activity developing on the network. The official Twitter page took note of the runway on January 4, 2021 as he wrote this article.

One of ICP’s latest developments is the announcement of the launch of the Ledger Internet Computer application. Announced on December 3, 2021, it allows the Ledger wallet to be compatible with Internet computer tokens. In general, Ledger wallets already support ICP tokens. In addition, November 4, 2021 is another day for the development of Internet computers. They have announced a partnership with Esports to launch an internet gaming program. Game program based on blockchain technology.

ICP price data and analysis
At the time of writing, the current price of an Internet computer is $55.14. The last few days have been set for ICP prices, while August was quite bullish for internet computer coins as well as other altcoins. In 2021 Internet computers appear.

Given the initial price of the coin, we can see in the chart below that it is down more than 1400% from the historical high of 737.20 reached in May 2021. For a more in-depth analysis, you can take a look at historical price data from CoinMarketCap.

Furthermore, looking at the chart above, it is clear that the token price has been trading in the $40-$80 range since its inception. Hence, the coin is not faring well for 2021, but looking at the technology behind the ICP, our forecasting system predicts an uptrend for the coin. The coin’s current market cap is $9.1 billion, or $12.43.

This in-depth analysis of the price of digital coins predicts that smart contract platforms will increase soon. Looking at our ICP price analysis of the coin’s price in the short term, it’s clear that the price has gone up quite a bit since August.

On August 7th, the coin price increased by 7.07%, the next day by 14.66%, and the next day by 27.72%. This makes ICP a very profitable investment for investors. On August 9th the price was up 16.25% and the next day the price was up 11.44%.

On September 4, the price was up 18.96%, while on September 7, the ICP token was down 23.03%. On September 29, the coin price increased by 8.64%, and on October 1 it increased by 14.62%. Therefore, price movements are generally bullish.

Technical analysis of ICP price
Today, the coin’s one-day trading volume was $527 million, up 122.72%. Cryptocurrency internet computer prices are up 12.3% on the day according to the one-day chart below. The current price is $54.98.

Price action has surged above the 100-day moving average, but prices are still below the 50-day moving average. The Internet Computer Price Forecast (ICP) will rise in the short term as these major moving averages are controlled.

Given the price action in the Bollinger Bands, the price action hovering above these bands will create a bullish price action. Breakout is inevitable after breaking the resistance at 58.64. Today’s high is $56.05.

TradingBeasts ICP Price Prediction
Today the price of an internet computer is $31,370, but by the end of 2022 the average price of an internet computer is expected to be $97,242. By the end of 2023, the average price of an Internet computer is expected to be $124,620. A strong upward trend is forecast for 2022, with prices nearly doubling by the end of the year. The trend continued in the following years, surpassing the 354.62% increase at the end of 2025. This represents a discount from the various price increases from year to year.