House Progressives Would not Vote for Infrastructure Without Other Spending

The Progressive Democrats have warned House leaders that a majority of its members will not support the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill until the Senate passes a second, much larger package that includes spending priorities. Yes.

The warning came in a letter from the New York Times to the speaker. There, the left drew a line in the sand and opposed moderate democrats demanding an immediate vote for independence. infrastructure bill.

In a letter, Progressive Group leaders in Congress said in a poll of 96 members until the Senate passed a $3.5 trillion package under the Infrastructure Bill to fund climate, health care, education and childcare programs. He said he had confirmed that he would refuse to provide assistance. ..

Senate Democrats are pushing through a $3.5 trillion budget, but the actual legislation is not expected to take effect this fall. This is a progressive voice wanting to be approved.

Together, the two measures cover President Biden’s entire economic agenda. California spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly stated that the Senate will not pass a bipartisan bill until it passes a major spending package, much to the surprise of moderate members.

“Anything that can be achieved in a non-partisan way – Bravo, we congratulate you,” Pelosi said Friday. “But at the same time we are not moving to abandon people.”

The letter was signed by Congressman Pramirajayapal from Washington, chair of the Progressive Caucus, and Congressman Ilhan Omar from Minnesota and Congressman Katie Porter from California.

In their letter, the three leaders promised Pak Pelosi that the majority of their Caucasians would keep voting until they got what they wanted at a higher price.

I said it would. Senate Rules. It’s a crucial stage of the tight-divided chamber with a minuscule Democratic majority.

The letter stated that Pelosi’s “settlement framework reflects our shared long-term investment priorities and will pass this settlement package first before the Senate considers a bipartisan infrastructure bill.” Driven to work to make sure.

In their own letter, half a dozen moderate Democrats called on Pelosi to deliver her own bipartisan voting infrastructure package without linking it to other action packages.

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