Google Maps Gets Dark Mode for iOS Users

Google Maps is already a dark topic in its iOS app. The long-awaited feature allows users to conserve battery life and reduce eye strain while maintaining the minimum contrast ratio required for grayscale applications.

Apple recently released Dark Mode on its phones when it launched iOS 13. However, it took Google almost two years to support this feature on Android and iOS. The company announced the release of Dark Mode for Google Maps on iOS earlier this year.

In August, Google Maps announced the inclusion of Dark Mode in its iOS app. According to The Verge, this feature has been available since September. Gadgets 360 can independently verify that the dark mode feature has actually been added to Google Maps.

Google Maps iOS Dark Mode: How To Enable
To start a dark theme in your iOS app, tap your profile photo, then go to Settings and tap Dark Mode. You can choose to set it Smooth, Off, or in the same way as the device settings. Once enabled, the Google Maps background will turn a dark gray. Place and display names appear in light shades. All colors are characteristic of nature.

In February this year, Google made Dark Mode available on Google Maps for Android. Other features that have appeared on Google Maps in recent months include eco-friendly routes, easy navigation for cyclists, and information sharing via bicycles and scooters. For eco-friendly routes, Google Maps recommends routes that are optimized for minimal fuel consumption.

A lightweight navigation function directs cyclists to their route. The screen should light up without you having to enter line-by-line navigation. By sharing information about bikes and scooters, users can easily check on Google Maps which stations are nearest and how many vehicles are available at the same time.