Global Crypto Prices Tumble On New COVID Variant

Bitcoin, the largest digital currency, fell 9.2% to $53,551.

Investors acknowledged the safety of bonds, the yen and dollar, and riskier assets after Bitcoin fell more than 9% on Friday and a new variant of the vaccine-resistant coronavirus was discovered. I dropped it.

Bitcoin, the largest digital currency, fell 9.2 percent to $53,551, its lowest level since Oct. 10.

Bitcoin, plagued by bouts of extreme volatility with a 13-year lifespan, is on track for its biggest one-day decline since September 20. ..

Researchers say the coronavirus variants found in South Africa, Botswana and Hong Kong have an unusual combination of mutations that could help evade an immune response or increase infectivity. Ricefield.

Yuya Hasegawa of Tokyo-based Bitbank said, “Investors may be even less motivated, especially as (options) expand to other countries.” “BTC growth is limited and the market should brace for further losses.

Bitcoin peaked at $69,000 earlier this month, with more and more large investors adopting the cryptocurrency and many investors attracted by its supposed inflation-resistant nature.

Others have amassed digital tokens that promise quick wins, i.e. withdrawals at record low or negative interest rates. However, Bitcoin’s instability is prolonged, raising questions about its suitability as a stable store of value.

Aether is down nearly 20% from its highest ever on November 10.

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