Does water pollution cause skin diseases

Water pollution causes skin ailments: Bathing in the toxic water of the Yamuna River can cause skin ailments, experts say – apply oil to body before dipping

The state of the country’s rivers remains hidden from anyone. Government continues to move from government to government, but the increase in flows is negligible.

On the other hand, when we talk about the most polluted rivers, the name Yamuna comes first. The Yamuna had become so filthy and unclean that bathing in it was like adding to one’s troubles.

Recently, before the Chhat Puja Festival, several people were seen bathing in Yamuna. What do the experts warn them? So much foam scattered around the Yamuna is the greatest proof of its contamination. On the other hand, experts believe that bathing in the Yamuna River can damage your skin cells.

In this state, like. B. Itchy skin can cause dryness. In addition, it can be cancer. Tell us through the experts why bathing in Yamuna can be dangerous.

Leading dermatologist Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj said that ammonia and phosphate levels in Yamuna have become very high due to industrial pollution.

Hence piles of white foam can be seen in the Yamuna. According to Deepali, contact with water and this foam can cause problems such as skin allergies, skin irritation, and pigmentation.

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In addition, doctors say that people whose family history is related to diseases such as immune disorders such as diabetes and thyroid. The effect on these people can be seen immediately.

In addition, exposure to this water can also cause vitiligo or other autoimmune diseases. It can also lead to conditions such as skin cancer, an infection with the tuberculosis virus that can be passed from one person to another.

Seeing the effects of toxic foam on the skin, dr. Anshuman Kumar, a leading oncologist, points out that this ammonia-containing water, if swallowed accidentally, can damage the lungs.

Doctors say this can cause gastrointestinal diseases like typhoid and others. In addition, prolonged exposure to water containing lead, mercury, and arsenic can cause hair loss and hormonal imbalance.

Let me tell you that Chhath Puja is a Hindu Vedic festival which has been celebrated since ancient times. It is usually celebrated in some parts of India like Bihar, East Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand etc.

During this festival, pilgrims sacredly immerse themselves in the river according to custom. If you need to bathe in the Yamuna in such a situation, Dr. Sardana that you need to take some precautions. Also, apply coconut oil all over your body before bathing in Yamuna.

This will protect your skin to some extent from the harmful elements present in the water. Also wear cotton clothes instead of synthetic materials when bathing. In addition, wearing old clothes when bathing can protect you from skin allergies. Because old clothes are less prone to chemical allergies.

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