Dallas Apartment Building Collapses After Gas Explosion

What should you know?
A natural gas explosion confirmed by Dallas police.
The two-story house partially collapsed. The next building is damaged.
No injuries were found, but several ambulances were called.

Officials confirmed that a residential building in South Dallas partially collapsed Wednesday morning after a natural gas explosion.

At around 10:30 a.m., explosion and fire signals were received for the first time at the Highland Hills apartment. The community is located 5,700 blocks on Highland Hills Drive near the intersection of Simpson Stuart Road and Bonnie View Road, not far from Paul Quinn College. ..

Part of the two-story house collapsed, and the roof of the center also collapsed. The windows of the outbuildings were blown up and the facade bricks were thrown from the walls.

Several ambulances were called to the scene, but no victims were found. Nothing appears to be treated on the spot.

The number of homes affected by the blast remains unclear. It is also unclear whether there is an active gas leak in the area.

Dozens of people stood near the house and watched the situation develop.

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