Cheri Bustos Has Some Advice for Swing District Democrats

News discipline. Focus on local issues. Find a way to work with Republicans. And it will appear. at someplace.

This is a new report written by Illinois spokeswoman Cherry Bustos, former head of the House Democratic Campaign division, which is part of advising swing county Democrats to win in the Conservatives. is.

The report stems from growing concerns that Democrats will retain their seats in a highly competitive area. Many pointed to the loss of votes, saying the party needed to sharpen its economic and public health message in light of the pandemic.

Bustos interviewed 25 lawmakers and local councilors in the process of former President Donald J. Trump in 2020. He was assisted by longtime adviser Robin Johnson, a political scientist at Monmouth University at Mr. Bustos County.

The Democrats who win in the districts where Trump won the majority of the vote are clearly the minority in Congress. There are only seven people in the DPR.

Most of the suggestions in the report revolve around a focus on local issues. This is Bustos, the local working-class electorate.

Congresswoman Cindy Axne became the first Democrat to win a seat in southwest Iowa in 2018, beating David Young and winning the rematch last year.

“Don’t do it even if all your ounces are trying to deviate from the message, especially when you’re in a safe democratic space,” advises Aksne. “Everything is recorded and can be used against you on the other side.

Some of the suggestions are based on the experience of the Democratic Party in 2020. The election started with the belief that it would climb the rankings, but lost 13 seats and a majority in decades.

Bustos blamed the disappearance of pandemic restrictions, which led most Democrats to refrain from campaigning for reasons of public safety.

Bustos argues that this hinders the ability of the Democratic Swing to challenge messages from the progressive wing of the party that remains unpopular in conservative areas.

“We are responsible from a health point of view, but politically we are hurting,” he said. “Some of the attacks there have died down and we cannot take revenge.

The defeat was an embarrassment for Bustos, who is seen as very adept at developing the Democratic Party’s nominating strategy in the Conservative constituency as well as a number of criticisms between moderate and progressive parties. It started.

“If you take one of us, the majority will be shot,” said Bustos. “I don’t want to choose a fight within the party, but it has to be a party approach that serves the majority.

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