A very strong team is the biggest competitive advantage in your company. When you have an amazing team, it often creates magic and energy and makes sure everyone is involved in the vision of the company and stays on the ball. This can make it easier to create a diverse and inclusive environment. It offers a rich and sustainable culture where all loyal team members work together to produce great impact and results.

My dream was to start a financial services company more than 20 years ago. I am passionate about inspiring others to take steps to build a strong economic future. This passion led to the creation of what is now called the Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group, LLC (Hyperlink).

Pure desire, determination, and turmoil brought me to an early stage. My strong admiration for financial freedom and independence is essential to building a business. But with my success and growth, new challenges arise as I try to come up with ideas for an amazing team. What ultimately led to the first success prevented the company from moving on to the next phase. Because I have to reach beyond myself.

Moving from a team-minded self to our business is critical to our success. We have grown from 1 to 15 employees and now we have a company focused on our core values, leadership principles and team principles. This Cultural Reflector is our business guide to attracting Rockstar team members and ideal customers. The main by-product of this is creating a transferable and profitable value-added business. Building an essential and inadequate business is hard on the ego, but great for the checkbook.

So how do you build an amazing team?

Identify core values

Your company’s core values ​​are at the heart of what you believe in and how you do your job. Create on purpose or by default. We encourage you to spend time with your team and management consultants to identify these core values. The advantage of defining core values ​​is that they are the personality and foundation of your company. To keep our team outstanding, we hire, fire and train our people based on our core values. It also attracts new customers based on core values.

Our core values ​​are, for example: We treat everyone with respect. Never compromise our integrity. Make our customers happy. And liven up our team culture.

Without core values, decisions are often not made or are harmful to the company. In case of problems and difficult solutions, we return to our core values ​​and provide orientation for further action.

Do what you can.

As an entrepreneur, understand your strengths and stay on your path. Surround yourself with people who complement and challenge you. When my business became beyond my means, I had to decide what not to do and how to get help. I love to inspire and discover new business opportunities. We also enjoy working with individual clients who need complex payment plans, tax strategy plans, and advanced real estate plans. The support I need is managing the complex workforce that will emerge at my company as I hire more people. Our main employer is our President Chandran Rajaratnam (hyperlink). His strengths include leading and managing teams, applying his leadership principles (check here – catch the arrow) and team principles. This power partnership has allowed us to grow.

Hiring people with different and complementary skills, but in line with my entrepreneurial vision, it is very important for our company to grow beyond 7th position. As an entrepreneur, giving control to others is scary, but it is essential for generating growth. The result is extraordinary.

Find team members who complement each other

A frequently asked question is how to find Chandran or employees who want to be part of the entrepreneurial team. First, formulate the characteristics of ideal team members. By defining it, you are communicating your expectations of attracting the ideal person. Then check your prejudices. The outcome of hiring decisions is often determined by how we form opinions, look at past experiences and deal with them in our minds. I hear it often. “Your situation is different. Nothing to be found. No one is hiring. No one can be trusted. Nobody likes him like me. They all leave in a year or two. “Well, if you believe in them, that’s the result.

You can get discouraged by your problem or look at it from a different perspective and turn it into an opportunity.

Losing employees after training and investment is difficult. It can burn us as business owners and destroy the energy to sustain our dreams of building great companies. But don’t stop until the magic happens. I have found that we can change the way we think by losing people to serve them and act in their best interests. When we lose employees (and when we lose employees), they often follow their passion and make them happy. We don’t want to prevent anyone from fulfilling their destiny.

Not all team members are suitable, but you can train and strengthen them as a team. All the team members who joined our company helped make our team what it is today, even after they left. Hiring people who are passionate and passionate about the company’s vision is critical to cultural prosperity and business expansion.

All of this shows that we are working on a level of trust and love which is a solid foundation. In the end, it was building an amazing team and a great result.