Angela Rayner calling Tories scum shows how much the Labour Party needs Keir Starmer

He must be better. Keir Starmer’s experience of how the Labor Party chooses leaders is an objective lesson in politics. He chose the wrong fight at the wrong time and did it the wrong way. Now he saw the meeting, which should have signaled the beginning of the Labor Party’s counterattack, again in the civil war.

I can understand why he did it. It would secure a clear line for the Corbyn era and show that he listened to voters and professionalized the party. It’s even an honorable thing to risk one’s position to ensure a proper rule change just by leaving the leader.

But it destroyed almost every aspect of the plan. Election rules for Labor leader cannot be seen as the most important issue facing Starmer right now because there is no way to assess our current situation. We are on the verge of a national crisis with an accumulation of gas stations, empty supermarket shelves, soaring gasoline prices, inflation, tax hikes, and allowance cuts.

Where was the work when the story was on the cover? He diverted attention from government responsibilities in the scarcity crisis and focused instead on the opposition’s endless civil war.

Pursuing changes in internal rules seems narrow-minded, solipsistic and inviolable in this context. She sent the message that Labor was more interested in examining her belly button than the country’s chronic problems. Worst of all, Starmer couldn’t even win the battle. Union confronts him and now he must grapple with a watered down version of his first proposal.

You can feel like you gave up on all the newbies. Even so, Starmer was too important to give up. After all, who’s still around? Angela Raynor? A politician whose main contribution to the conference so far has been Tori’s “Izmet” branding?

Anyone who wants to support the Tories in the next election should support what Starmer is doing. It is very easy. Starmer also has to get better. His speech at the conference on Wednesday was an opportunity to prove himself and provide a little inspiration to the desperate. He had to understand.


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