Android 12 Causing Touch Response, App Crashing Issues for Some Google Pixel Phone Users

Some Google Pixel phone users from Android 12 or later are experiencing app crashes and touch response issues. Following some expectations, Google released an update for Android earlier this week to improve the user experience with Google’s new Material U design language and a number of built-in improvements.

However, some users reported online that immediately after upgrading their Pixel phones to Android 12, they experienced other annoying issues including an unresponsive touchscreen. The problem isn’t limited to specific models, but the latest one affects Pixel phones.

Some affected users reported their issues to the Google support forum. A large number of users stated that after installing Android 12, they no longer saw any response when touching their Pixel phone. Several others reported that the app crashed after upgrading to the latest Android version. There are also some users who are having battery drain issues after updating to Android 12. With other issues with their Pixel models.

In addition to user complaints on the Google Support forums, some users have also reached out to Twitter to discuss issues they might be facing after updating their Pixel phones to Android 12.

The problem doesn’t appear to be limited to specific Pixel models, though most of the complaints available on the internet suggest that the latest Pixel phones, including the Pixel 4A, Pixel 4A5G, and Pixel 5, are having issues.

Google hasn’t confirmed any issues with Android 12 yet. However, product experts on the Google Support forums are suggesting that some affected users enter Safe Mode to see if they’re having issues with third-party apps. This doesn’t seem to be of much help to consumers.

Gadgets 360 has contacted Google for comment on the matter and will update this location when the company replies.

After several months of beta testing, Android 12 was released earlier this week with the release of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The new operating system introduces changes at the interface level via the Material U design language. There are also new privacy-focused changes, including a new privacy dashboard that includes approximate settings for location sharing and app permissions.

The Android 12 update is available for all Google Pixel phones starting with the Pixel 3. It also comes pre-installed on the Pixel 6 series.

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